To Drill or NOT to Drill - Good Question...

We have been asked many times why we do don't recommend drilling on natural nails and we wanted to shed some light :)

Drilling of any kind is damaging to the nail bed. Polish enhancement treatments, such as Gel Polish, should be used to strengthen the nail bed, not weaken it.

You may have noticed we don't drill to remove gel polish, not even to "Break the Seal" of the Polish...nor will we soak your nails in a bowl of acetone. Both technique short-cuts weaken the nail bed and will cause long term damage to your nails, causing a need for intermittent breaks to regain strength and nail integrity.

A proper Gel Manicure is designed to last 2 weeks, 3 weeks if you are very careful with your manicure. (if you're a crazy mom like me... I am pushing 2 weeks! lol) While drilling on your natural nail bed will cause the polish to last longer, it weakens the integrity of the bed and over time will cause your nails to be brittle and prohibit growth.

A combined approach of 1. Correct polish removal and 2. Regular polish changes, will ensure adequate "breathability", lessen the likelihood of fungus growth, and promote overall healthier nails. If you are currently experiencing weakened, brittle nails... come visit any of our licensed nail technicians for a comprehensive treatment plan. If you are having trouble getting polish to last on your natural nail... there ARE answers without drilling... make sure to let us know and we can walk through your options.

One of our main missions at Avant Tous is to educate and empower our clients for a healthier, more beautiful YOU! Your choice of nail color, art, length, style, etc.. makes a lasting impression on the people you meet... Let our licensed nail technicians help express your style through your nails!

We know there are many nail salon options, and we want to say THANK YOU to our clients for your love and loyalty.

<3 You're Avant Tous Team