How to Create Good Skincare Habits in Teens

Good skincare habits form well before adulthood and should be taught at an early age to prevent early skin damage. Most Aestheticians first start to see teenagers when acne starts popping up and over the counter cleansers and products aren't cutting it. But, in many cases, acne can be avoided with preventative care rather than reactive care. We recommend having a consultation with one of our Licensed Aestheticians at the age of 12. It is a free consultation that can give your teen a true advantage when fighting the ever looming "teenage skin" fight. Here is a great article written specifically about Creating Good Skincare Habits early on:

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve- schedule an early Teen or Pre-Teen Consultation to understand your teens skin. 
2. Premature Growth- some kids start to experience acne as early as 8. Know and understand your child's needs. 
3. Understand the Importance of a Balanced PH - this not only effects your skin, but also your hair, skin and nails. 
4. Learn about affordable treatment options for your teen and tween around town. Don't think running to the Dermatologist is the only answer. 

Our Skincare Management Team understands all ages of skin and can help guide you and your family through the ups and downs of hormones, skin changes, and maturing. All consultations and initial meetings with our team are FREE of charge and can be scheduled same day. 

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