How Great Skincare Products Effect the Entire Family

So before I dive into this... this is not one of those "If momma's happy, everybody's happy" type of blogs! Don't get me wrong, that is totally true but not the focus of today's blog. 

Before opening Avant Tous, if you would have told me that a truly great skincare line can positively effect my entire family, I certainly wouldn't have believed you because I knew NO different. I have always been the "business" partners are the "Skin Genesis'". However, my view now is incredibly different and thought it was an important piece of information to pass along to you! 

First of all.... all skincare is NOT created equal. Not even a little. ..another topic..another day :) 

Skincare lines should cover all things skin, not just your face! Your SKIN is the largest organ on your body and a really good skincare company understands this. So WHY should that matter? 

Example #1 - When you, your husband or child gets a sunburn...what do you do? Typically people reach for Aloe Vera or if you're really Cajun, you may make a paste with File (the spice typically used in Gumbo). Did you also know that you can use Arnica? 
Arnica Montana has been used in homeopathic medical treatments since the 1500s. An incredibly effective treatment for trauma to the skin, including bruises, sprains, burns, chapped lips and a HOST of other things. Arnica is an all organic solution to traumatized skin and a MUST have in your medicine cabinet. Rhonda Allison's Arnica is extremely high quality and have many, many clients that swear by it. I certainly do! Retail Price for Arnica Therapy: $14 
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Example #2- Cuts, Burns, Rashes, Allergic Reaction, etc... All very common issues, specifically with children. Many times we may think to reach for Neosporin or something along those lines. Did you know that Stem Cells from Fruit are incredible rejuvenating and rapid healers?   Apple stem cells have  metabolites which insure the longevity of skin cells. Rhonda Allison's Sea Gems is another "Must Have" for your home. Sea Gems is extracted plant stem cells combined with special strands from deep sea waters.  It takes the "BURN" out of a sunburn, it promotes rapid cell growth and rejuvenation, helping to strengthen and protect your skin tissue. 
Retail Price for Sea Gems: $18
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We are so blessed to have the Rhonda Allison line at Avant Tous Beauty Bar because it is such a deep and diverse line. Everything Rhonda Allison produces is all natural, organically based with the highest quality ingredients available. It pushes our Estheticians to be comprehensive in their treatment rooms and best of all we know we are providing our clients with great products at affordable prices everyone in the family can benefit from! 

Feel confident knowing what you are putting on you and your family's skin! For more information on any of the Rhonda Allison line or for more detailed information, please feel free to contact us at any time through email: ! 

**Please contact a skincare professional or physician before using any of these products. We do not recommend using any product without full understanding of it in it's entirety. For severe burns or cuts, please seek immediate medical attention. The aforementioned is meant for topical treatment of minor cuts, bruises and burns. Avoid eye area when applying to skin and do not ingest.