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If I could only have ONE Skincare product

This product really gets under my skin, but in a good way! If I could only have one skin care product from Rhonda Allison it would have to be Moisture Au Lait. Moisturizers are such a necessity that so many people stray away from because they feel moisture is the last thing they need. That however is incorrect, moisturizers go into your skin to hydrate, revitalize, and nourish all day long which should be a very important part in your home skin care regimen. Moisture Au Lait by Rhonda Allison is a protein enriched cream that is suitable for all skin types. Many clients with sensitive skin are drawn to the product for its refreshing feel. It is very light and fast absorbing. Moisture Au Lait is great for day and night use. This product is perfect to wear under your makeup or even as a quick daytime eye cream. Overall an outstanding product I’m not too sure what I would do without it! 
Check out THIS Video from our Rhonda Allison Instructors to learn more!