Change in the Air

Change... the only thing in life that is constant! Business and Personal are no different and both can be equally as challenging. Over the last few months at Avant, we have been heavily prep'ing behind the scenes for lots of change. Hopefully, ALL things you will find beneficial to you! We wanted to address a few of the big changes and hope that you will embrace them and grow with us. 

The first big change: Hope is going to the back of the house. Many of you have seen her beautiful face less and less at the Beauty Bar. Although, this may seem like a bad thing, this is actually a GREAT thing. THANKS to you and your wonderful commitment to us...we need her to focus more in an owners role. She will still do services on Thursdays and special events; however, her main focus now will be on growing our Estheticians. She will spend most of her time behind the scenes training and developing. We only request that you give our new girls a shot. They are really amazing and extensively trained...and are STILL trained every week on Tuesdays. Trust us, you are in great hands! 

The second big change: We want to be the beauty bar for your life. What does that mean? Well, appointments are amazing and they work well for most people... except...sometimes you don't always remember to make an appointment or remember about the appointment?! Hello...I'm talking to myself :) SO... we are transitioning to a "Best of Both Worlds" type of atmosphere. We are trying to expand to the suite next door to us to accommodate for more space and add service rooms. This will not only give us more service capabilities, but it will also allow for "Life". Crossing our fingers for opening during the 1st of the year. 
We still will encourage appointments...but we will ALWAYS welcome you as a walk in. This added space and service capability will make that an easier transition and less wait time. 

The third is not really a change, but just an overwhelming urge to scream THANK YOU from the rooftop. Sometimes when I am in the spa, late at night and by myself...I just close my eyes and breath it in. Is this REALLY mine?! Do we REALLY get to hang out with amazing women all day long!! WOW...I don't know if I can express what a blessing YOU all are to US!! 
When you own your own business, you know that every single appointment...every single dollar is incredibly important. We truly can't keep our doors open if you weren't as loyal as you have been and from the bottom of my heart. Thank you! I pray that you continue to stay loyal to us even through times of change. We are very committed to you and your service satisfaction! 

Thanks for hearing my thoughts :) I am VERY excited about moving forward and growing! I hope you are too and will continue to support! We are open books....please let us know if you have any questions. 

God Bless- Ellen Pino